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S/O @djcamilo #KrippyKushREMIX. make sure y’all go listen to the Travis Scott version of this. Eif bodied the video as well. - 50 trucks when I pull up, we a fleet away.


I’m on my pivot tho. I’m just so pivotal. Bands I go get it tho. Weezy on his pedestal. Alotta gang shit. A whole lotta gang shit. All these plaques is piling up. It’s no where to hang shit. 🤫Go listen to #Dedication6 now! Link in my bio. Download on


Link in my bio to listen to #5Star with Lil Wayne & the rest of #Dedication6 #D6 @liltunechi @djdrama #YoungMoney 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥Merry Christmas to all. 🎅🏻🎄🎁☃️❄️


🎁 #Dedication6 on Christmas #5Star with my boss in real life. #WeezyFBarbie back for the ppl. By popular demand 💪🏽♥️ @liltunechi @djdrama #D6


🤤😋 I want some. 😻 [@myxfusions]


Someone dope designed my moscato bottle for my bday. Tonight I’m drinking Peach Moscato. Tmrw I’ll be drinking Mango Moscato wit a buncha bad btchs wit big knockers. @myxfusions to find all my products near you! #Moscato #Sangria #RedBlendWine MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! 🎅🏻🎄🎁🍷🥂🍾


In love with this #KrippyKush artwork. Thank you. 💛💚🔰◼️⬛️♠️🖤


BEHIND THE SCENES!!! “Pleasure to meet you” *innocent voice* - *sighs* I’m such a nice little lady. Link in my bio to watch the VIDEO. #KrippyKush 👅


😭 yo u niggaz iz gettin carried away wit these damn filters


U can’t lie to ppl with money about what things cost. Niggaz know what it costs. 🤧 don’t slip up & get caught. Ppl will come around purposely talking super duper loud & the calculator in my brain be like 😒. 😩🤣 don’t enter into new circles telling old lies. I need a new car @djclue. But I need a fkn discount 😅😩😂


Hair by Kim. Makeup by Sheika. This is #GarethPugh. Styled by Brett. Photo by @grizzleemusic #KrippyKushVIDEO on VEVO


Yo come lemme holla @ u for a second. I got exactly what you need.


Awl ah yuh friends’ll b dead. U could get hit wit dat UZI. [the only person that could’ve gotten me out of work mode tonight]. PHILLY MAKE SOME NOISE!!!! 💪🏽♥️😘 #TheWayLifeGoesREMIX


Performed w/my boo Uzi tonight. Love you Philly! 😘


#KrippyKushOnVEVO link in my bio @travisscott new verse bodied 😌🇵🇷 @badbunnypr 🔥@farrukoofficial 🔥 shot by @eifrivera 😉💪🏽


#KrippyKushOnVEVO link in my bio- ensemble by #GarethPugh


I- 😩 sis said EABAOS - this my mood all 2018. That’s my auntie. She cray 🤑 #PlainJaneREMIX


Who is this? 🤣 #PlainJaneREMIX


Rap btchs they gotta ✅IN wit da Queen. I’m the Alpha, the Omega- everyTHING in between. #PlainJaneREMIX now playing 🎧


Ride wit Minaj


I go hard in the booth. Biggie vibes. Gimme da loot. 🤑


Mood #NickiDaNINJA on em. Click the link in my bio to hear the #PlainJaneREMIX W|@asapferg - the #KrippyKushVIDEO is dropping soon & its 💪🏽!!! 🎀🦄 #RapsJackieChan


When I met @asapferg a cpl years ago. Click the link in my bio to hear the #PlainJaneREMIX HARLEM to QUEENS. Ride wit da MOB! 🤬


#KrippyKushRemix VIDEO is on it’s way. @farrukoofficial 🔥🔥🔥 #NickiDaNINJA


And y’all BETTA not come for dem struggle notes I was hittin either. 😩🤣. #KrippyKushREMIX wit my boo @farrukoofficial @badbunnypr @21savage VIDEO BOUT DONE!!!! Who READY?!??! Y’all NOT!!!! Trust! All my btchs is HERMOSA! S/o to all my Spanish barbies 🙂😅 cpl more days til it drop. 💪🏽🔥🔥 “hey, don’t be feeling up on me” @brettalannelson bwahhahaahaaaaaa. BTS by my Jewish King @grizzleemusic 🤣 he always got his sista! Yes my babies @kimblehaircare & @officialsheiks always making Barbie live up to her true Barb potential. 😌😩


#PlainJaneREMIX OUT NOW🦄 I should switch it up on hoes & rock a Afro like Lupita’s 🤣 @asapferg HARLEM WUS GOOD?!?!!!!!!



Harlem on the rise 😉🦄🎀


👀👅 #SheForKeeps 🦄



Get u a straw 🤬- @postmates, thx for my free @shakeshack delivery 🥤🍦🍔 yo tengo hambre - free delivery all week y’all, just tell’m Barbie sent ya 🧜🏼‍♀️


Plz say da Barbie®️️ He say da Barbie®️️ listening to #SheForKeeps ft the Quarter Back #Quavocito @quavohuncho 💪🏽 🌹🌹🌹 🎀 and that’s the real #Kiki OUT NOW🎯


Thank you, Vogue & everyone who created all this dope artwork for this look. Have you seen the video? #Motorsport link in my bio. Check it out


Attention: I need 20-25 bad btchs for #PrettyGang. Can’t tell you why. Criteria to be gang are as follows: INTELLIGENT, INTERESTING, TALENTED, BAD AF, BOUT DAT PAPER. I think some of the girls I follow on here would be perfect. I need your help. Who should be gang? 🦄🎀


I like bad btchs cuz they like bad btchs too.


The Real MVP is the person who got me these balloons. Is it crazy that this was my favorite thing? Yes, I’m a simple girl. Barbie & her Unicorn are here to STAY btchs!!!🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 the pink fur was also a nice Barbie touch. Idc wut y’all say 😩🤣 this made me mad happy. I’m bout to go buy a real unicorn. Fuk it, it’s still my birthday month! Sag SZN on u hoes!!!!! 🤣🤣😂😩😭 ♐️ Ima make the universe bring Nov & December back in a cpl weeks just so we can shit on u hoes again 😭😭😭😭 💪🏽🧜🏼‍♀️


😢 Thank you @keisharenee- I see you making me proud on The Voice. Look @ God. We’ll miss you on tour, but this is the natural progression of true gratitude- something you’ve always shown me. So may the Universe now take you in it’s arms, & guide you to the top where you belong. [A grateful spirit can take you places talent never dreamed of]. Thank you all for the bday wishes. Love you.


Finally on VEVO. Link in my BIO #MotorsportOnVEVO


Who wanna buy my black twitter membership card? 🙍🏽‍♀️


The QuarterBack. I’m Nick Lombardi.


Attention: Ima need u to face front


It’s BARBIE bitch!!!!! 🎀 Pink Inches by Kim Kimble🎀 Makeup by Sheika 🎀 Ensemble by Brett 🎀 #Motorsport


The video is now on TIDAL & all streaming platforms. Link in my BIO. #TheWayLifeGoes RMX boot by YSL- fly AF


Link in my bio to see the new VIDEO. #TheWayLifeGoes Video is NOW ON TIDAL, SPOTIFY, iTunes, etc. uziiiiiii @liluzivert @doncannon @djdrama


Last night was one for the books. My fellow sag celebrated his bday & I was honored to be by his side. Such a dope team. You guys- thx for having me. @fernandogarciam1205, you are an absolute genius w/a genius group of ppl around you. You’re all my heroes now😩💪🏽. Thx for those strong margaritas all night. 🤪 #SagSEASON ♐️ tell the iconic lady who kept touching my hair I said hey 😒😩#OscarDeLaRenta #Monse


@chefcindi 🤩 @myxfusions #1 MOSCATO IN AMERICA. I dare you to taste my #Moscato or #Sangria w/o falling in ♥️. MANGO, PEACH, COCONUT & ORIGINAL MOSCATO 🤪😛👅💦💧🍑🥥🍍🍇🍉🥝🍐🍏🍒- try my new red blend wine. I put coconut myx in Haagen Daaz vanilla ice cream. 💦 Create your own concoction & tag me. I might post you 👅


Woke up to 4 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. #KrippyKushRMX just became my 83rd entry- extending my lead among all women. Top 10 on Latin Songs chart too, I heard 🤩. Who’s ready for the videos? Link in my bio for the UZI vid. The other vids r about to fuck shit up. 🔥🔥🔥 Remember I told you. Love to the supporters. Love to the lovers. 🙏🏽♥️♥️♥️💋 when they team up to bring u down, but instead they gotta watch u rise 🙌🏽🙏🏽🤣 Praise God


On the town in my capsule collection jacket by @hm


🤫 took my tongue ring out years ago but the proof is still there 🙄💋 I love being Barbie. Click the link in my bio for the new video.


😩🤫 BTS for The Way Life Goes VIDEO. 🔗 in my BIO- I sprayed the entire bottle on me & them hoe ass bugs still fucked me up 😒


LINK IN MY BIO- THE WAY LIFE GOES🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @liluzivert #TWLGVideo




This might be the worst camera angle of all time. @grizzleemusic ? Smh. Who’s ready for the VIDEO????? 🤫 #TheWayLifeGoes RMX wit @liluzivert - BOOTS BY YSL 👅


Get the look from my Dazed Mag cover shot by Steven Klein now! @hm sexy AFFFFFF 😜🤪


My capsule collection with @hm is out now, worldwide & online. Here are a few of my favorite pieces. #NICKIxHM