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The fluctuation in temperature when the sun sets over the #UyuniSaltFlats hits you like a slap in the face. It can jump as much as 30 degrees in this desolately beautiful desert. Bring a jacket and hang out, you won’t regret it. @jacadatravel @danahrichardson #Bolivia


Even though #Patagonia has the highest concentration of puma than anywhere on the planet, if you’re a #skunk you can still keep it casual. The power of odor, a great way to avoid being eaten! @jacadatravel @danahrichardson @awasiexperience


🥋Two #stallions battling it out for dominance on #EasterIsland. Watching these horses go at it was a crazy experience, the sound of their kicks landing was thunderous, shockingly these powerful animals just kept on going at it!@jacadatravel @danahrichardson


@ljsauter taking the scenic route through a maze of beautiful ice with the @DJIGlobal #mavic - small enough to travel with you, photographed by @DJIGlobal's foldable #MavicPro makes every sky your creative canvas. Never Miss an opportunity to capture the world in 4k with your @DJIGlobal #MavicPro.


The last few days in #EasterIsland we’ve watched a trio of stallion horses impressively battle for dominance within a large herd that seems more feral than tame. It’s pretty raw to see these animals kicking with their front and hind legs at boxing distance, moving in to savagely bite when they get in close range. There’s nothing polite about the animal kingdom, the struggle and desire for dominance is something that all living inhabitants of this planet are either driven by or subject to. @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


The weather thankfully cleared out this morning, greeting us with a vibrantly colorful sunrise over the #Moai’s 🗿🔊🔊 @jacadatravel @danahrichardson #EasterIsland


Just loungin’ with the locals at sunrise in #RapaNui 🗿 #easterIsland @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


Back-to-back-to-back-to-back 4am starts and late night finishes is starting to catch up to me, but the beauty here in #torresdelpaine is too good to stop! Here’s a quick one from this mornings windy start, great textured clouds and a little warm glow woke me up with a smile. To see a time-lapse of this moment head over to @natgeo 🎶 / @awasiexperience @danahrichardson @emintehess @jacadatravel


It’s pretty hard to shoot a bad photo in Chile’s Patagonia backcountry. Yesterday @emintehess took @danahrichardson and I️ on a nice backcountry tour around the #sierrabaguales, we were lucky enough to see this fiery sunset. @jacadatravel @awasiexperience


Yesterday while driving to Torres Del Paine we made a quick stop in #puertonatales Chile. i was last here in 2014, very briefly passing through when I️ saw this scene of old wooden dock pillions poking out of the bay. i took a couple rushed mediocre photos, but never forgot the location. For me, there is nothing worse then having a vision in your head of a picture and missing it! Yesterday i had less then 10 minutes for a second attempt and managed to shoot off 2 frames. This photo is one step closer to what I️ had in mind originally. I️ might have to attempt a 3rd try someday if the opportunity presents itself! @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


A pair of #JamesFlamingos strengthening their bond in a show of affection. @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


An #andeanFlamingo keeping it light with that twinkle toes landing in the #AtacamaSaltFlats @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


Sunrise in #GeyserDelTatio was explosive, so much beauty to experience in #Chile’s #Atacama desert!! @altoatacama


Twilight over the #atacamaSaltFlats yesterday evening was another great desert experience here in Chile. I decided to mix it up with an in-camera #doubleExposure of the iconic #Licancabur volcano. 🌋 @altoatacama


Sunrise at Bolivia’s #redLagoon, so good we had to go twice 🇧🇴 @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


Moon rise over #bolivia’s high desert sculptures 🇧🇴 @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


Bolivia’s #redLagoon exceed my already high expectations this morning as we arrived at twilight. The colors here are surreal. The high altitude lake sits in a bowl of volcanos, the water is thermally heated and full of nutrients. The lake gets its name from the resident red algae and sediment, which provides food to numerous aquatic birds, including the James Flamingo which lives here year round.


Iceland is no stranger to beauty, or rain! 5 days of straight rain is enough to make anyone restless. @jessrosskelley shaking off the cobwebs with a run as the storm clouds roll out. Photographed with the @DJIGlobal #mavic - small enough to travel with you, @DJIGlobal's foldable #MavicPro makes every sky your creative canvas. Never Miss an opportunity to capture the world in 4k with your @DJIGlobal #MavicPro.


The road through Bolivia’s #uyunisaltflats, this place is unlike anywhere I’ve ever seen. Set at 12,000ft elevation, the Uyuni is the worlds largest salt flat. Driving though here is otherworldly, starkly beautiful with harsh fluctuations in temperature. Hot days are filled with deceiving mirages followed by freezing temps at night. This place is a photographers paradise, looking forward to sharing more photos in the coming days! @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


Glacier run-off filled with sediment fanning out and melting into the lower valleys of southern #Greenland. Climate change is hitting greenland the hardest, melting the ice caps from the interior and more recently discovered, from underneath. Thermal activity off of the coast is sending warm water under the ice caps, expediting the ice melt. I learned this on my last expedition here in August while talking to researchers from NYU in Tasiilaq. We are living in a rapidly changing world, it’s quite eye opening and disheartening getting to witness it at ground zero. @sea_legacy


Big Horn Sheep, #Banff Canada 🇨🇦 3/2017 @mikelibecki @photojbartlett @ianvaso


I can’t wait to be staring at this beautiful mountain view again in the coming weeks, let the travel sequence begin! I shot this photo here of #TorresDelPaine in 2014 on a shoot for @blackdiamond, it was a mountain range I’d wanted to photograph for many years. See you soon Chile! @danahrichardson @jacadatravel


A #coyote on the hunt, briefly sending me a glance that I’m knowingly in his periphery. Wildlife photography is a mix of patience / preparation and being in the right place at the right time; this was the latter. We spotted this beautiful predator on a lucky drive by sighting in @yellowstonenps in the #LamarValley. It was a blast watching him hunt, with a lot of misses and a successful pounce onto a mole. With a long winter ahead it’s an important time to bulk up before the valley is covered in snow. To see this coyote mid pounce, scroll down my feed. @angelajpayne @tjtriage @connor_seybert @abuteuxfultone #yellowstonepledge


A family of #meerkat’s, sunning and carefully surveying the scene before heading out to hunt in the #kalahari. If your slow moving and quietly crawl in, these curious little creatures will let you get really close to their home. The only issue is that you‘ll end up getting bitten by thousands of tiny bugs that live near the den. I itched for WEEKS after this encounter but it was totally worth it. @danahrichardson @kosie_lategan @tswalu @jacadatravel


Exploring the hidden places where glacier meets water - @ljsauter taking the scenic route, paddling through a maze of beautiful ice in interior #Iceland. Photographed with the @djiglobal #mavic - Small enough to travel with you, @DJIGlobal's foldable #MavicPro makes every sky your creative canvas. Never miss an opportunity to capture the world in 4K with your @DJIGlobal #MavicPro.


Grotto Geyser, erupting under a star filled sky in @yellowstonenps. Yellowstone is without a doubt one of my favorite national parks and it’s because of the beauty and uniqueness of things like this. This photo here was trapped on a corrupt memory card of my own doing, the incredible people at @lexarmemory reached out to me last week to help me recover the photos and within a meer 48 hours retrieved every photo and sent me a new card! Thank you for the prompt and professional customer service!! @tjtriage @angelajpayne @abuteuxfultone @connor_seybert #YellowstonePledge


From coast to interior, around every corner #Iceland’s ring road has no shortage of beauty. Filmed with the @djiglobal #mavic - Small enough to travel with you, @DJIGlobal's foldable #MavicPro makes every sky your creative canvas. Never miss an opportunity to capture the world in 4K with your @DJIGlobal #MavicPro.