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Photo by @denise6217 Dashing through the snow❄️ #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo by @sunshinebaby82 Dogs will be dogs. #WHPclassic


Photo by @fahmyrhamadan The bikes, the wide-open space, the sense of adventure — all this reminds Fahmi (@fahmyrhamadan) of his childhood. “This is a timeless moment,” he says. Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend's hashtag project, #WHPclassic.


Photo by @makeupisart_x While Ellie Costello (@makeupisart_x) paints magical scenes on her eyelids, it feels like she plants them. “I never ever plan a look and then go and get the flowers,” explains 20-year-old Ellie, who lives in London. “I always get some flowers first, then envision the look around the flowers. I find that creating as you go along always allows your creativity and imagination to run a lot more freely — I like just letting the magic happen.” Ellie is part of the beauty community on Instagram who made the eyelid their canvas of choice in 2017. “It is great when you can collaborate with other artists and discover new amazing talent to follow. There is always so much creativity on Instagram, it is very inspiring.” Watch our story to see more from Ellie, and follow along on #IGYearInReview as we reflect on the most memorable Instagram trends of 2017. Stay connected to Ellie’s community by following #undiscoveredmuas on Instagram.


Photo by @impact.brothers Starting today, we’re introducing new ways for you to stay connected to your interests on Instagram, with the ability to follow hashtags like #gymnastics. Some twins finish each other’s sentences, Marcos and Alejandro Ponce López (@impact.brothers) finish each other’s flips. After seeing break dancers perform in their hometown 14 years ago, the duo from Torre del Mar, Spain, dedicated their lives to becoming professional acrobats. What’s been their biggest #gymnastics accomplishment to date? “Everything we have learned has been self-taught. Hand to hand [where one performer, balancing on the hands of the other performer, does a handstand], was very complicated for us, since it is a very complex discipline. We have some friends who know this discipline. One day we were lucky to meet with them, and in a few hours they explained several tricks. After that, we practiced each day to achieve that movement.”


Photo by @davidcrunelle An eye-catching play of patterns, spotted in a Kyoto train station #WHPclassic


Photo by @malarcos Mar Alarcos (@malarcos) plays up the historic architecture and design inside a Munich theater for this #WHPclassic submission.


Photo by @karen_claudia_ A swan passing through interrupts the symmetry of a tranquil lake view. #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo by @gcplyon “I like to immortalize moments of simple happiness,” says photographer Gaétan Clement (@gcplyon), who did just that in this scene from a French roller disco. #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo by @borsch With the help of a friend and some flashlights, Yura (@borsch) brought an inky night to light at Nikola-Lenivets Art Park. “It was so dark there that we could barely see the grass under our feet,” he says. #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo by @zooeyinthecity Meet Zooey Miyoshi (@zooeyinthecity): a kindergarten student and 5-year-old fashion influencer. On her third birthday, her mom, Mai, started an account all about Zooey. Fast-forward two year and Zooey and her family — originally from Tokyo — live in Los Angeles where they adventure, play and take tons of photos, highlighting Zooey’s sweet and edgy styles, often accompanied by her staple expression of hiding behind a pair of sunnies. “Zooey has always had this no-emotion face,” says Mai of Zooey’s signature look. “Sunglasses also help when taking photos. Most of the time, she is not looking directly at me, which sunnies help hide. #momtip.” As for the future, Zooey has big plans. Zooey: “I want to be a designer.” Mom: “REALLY? When did you decide that?” Zooey: “At school. I’m creative, so I think I can be a designer.” Mom: “😱” Watch our story to learn more about Zooey’s world.


Photo by @ted.ns Fall and fog for #WHPinspired 🍁


Photo by @mcheblak No need to look farther than your bookshelf. #WHPinspired


Photo by @lorimhawk Lori Hawkins (@lorimhawk) stands in awe of this swimmer emerging from the cold Atlantic waters, hands joyfully raised. Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPinspired.


Photo by @cosydesign You never know who you’ll catch in — or on! — the train. 🚄 #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo by @soterografando No birds or planes in this Ponta de Humaitá sky. 😎 #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo by @marioschmitt74 “Kathmandu is really something else 🐒,” writes Mario Schmitt in his caption for this image. “Once I found a good composition for the photo, the monkeys photobombed my shot,” says the photographer from Würzburg, Germany, currently on a spiritual journey through Nepal. “It was actually pretty cool.” #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo by @salavat.fidai This #myinstagramlogo may be tiny, but after three failed attempts, freelance artist Salavat Fidai’s (@salavat.fidai) fourth sculpture of our app’s logo felt like a huge success. “I now cannot imagine my life without Instagram!” says Salavat, who lives in Ufa, Russia. “I like to see how Instagram changes and how it gets better and better.” We’re inspired by the ways community members make Instagram’s look come to life. Follow along on #myinstagramlogo and add your own ideas.


Photo by @damonbeckford Damon Beckford (@damonbeckford) slept at the Reinebringen trailhead in order to summit in time for this sunrise view. “This short but strenuous hike is popular with the local Norwegians and visitors too,” says Damon. “When I reached the top, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The landscape looked so magical.” #WHPlikealocal


Photo by @paticas Having recently relocated to Lisbon, Paula Martí (@paticas) notices the city’s details as she strolls through its narrow streets. “Since I just moved here three months ago,” says Paula, “I am at the point where I feel both like an outsider and a local.” #WHPlikealocal


Photo by @ceeciie A Mexico City native, Ceci Castañeda (@ceeciie) took a hot air balloon ride — and got engaged — in Peña de Bernal. “People in small towns are so nice and kind that they make you feel like you belong there,” she says. Follow along as we share more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPlikealocal.


Photo by @ryanlongnecker Ryan Longnecker (@ryanlongnecker) takes in the twists and turns of the California highways. “There’s something amazing about these artistic overpasses,” he writes in his caption. “Someday I want to just wander the freeway shoulders and listen.” #WHPlikealocal


Photo by @the_medographer Just another day on the Dal. 🛶 #WHPlikealocal


Photo by @jul_mls “They run the show and go home,” writes Julie (@jul_mls), looking down on a pair of ambling camels from her drone. Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPlikealocal.


Photo of @lamonluther by @indieefox Lamon Luther Furniture’s (@lamonluther) namesake is founder and chief-storyteller Brian Preston’s maternal grandfather. “He was not rich, yet he was incredibly generous,” says Brian. “He gave his resources and his time to help others. He invested in relationships.” Brian has closely followed in Lamon’s footsteps. From his small Georgia community, Brian employs homeless carpenters, offering them a shot to get back on their feet. “I thought providing meaningful work would allow the chance to rebuild their life,” he explains. “The best part is seeing our guys transform their life. Our employees are buying houses, and starting families.” On this #SmallBusinessSaturday, head into the wood shop with the Lamon Luther team. It’s on our story right now.