Survival. WEEK 3 complete of our hostage action thriller #SkyscraperMovie. The most physically and emotionally daunting role of my career. Grateful to push the limits. The Academy Award winning master Robert Elswit ("There Will Be Blood") operating the camera. A challenging film. A talented crew. #Week3 #Survival #SkyscraperMovie SUMMER 2018


Não te amo mais vc é casado😢😢mais continua sendo muito ídolo 😃

By "hostage action thriller in a skyscraper", you new Die Hard?

Give this cinematographer a raise tho!

Made my day

Gal baat


ی جمع تشکیل دادیم پر از دخترای سکسی فقط لازمه بیای ثبت نام کنی لینک تو بیو منتظریم

Come to Kharkov )))

It's Ukrain)

I want u r authograp iknow I'm u r cousin but u r my hero @therock

Walking Tall. #classic



Dying to watch this movie

Sir i love youu

Nice pic

I thought Hercules was the toughest role so your saying this surpasses that @therock

I never doubted you @therock. Can't wait for this 1

@therock how long does a film like that take to shoot?

@therock looks like you had a he'll of a workout

God bless you brotha

Is this like a newer version of die hard?


Can you smell what the ROCK is Cooking!!!!!!

hopefully, it will rock 😎

God bless you

Really it's too good caption ..... WoW 😍😍

I would love it to see you surviving in the wild @therock! Not your movie character, but the real you!

Push! Push! And grow!! Love the behind the scenes sneak peeks!

What movie are you doing now




@therock .. waiting for action

Hii sir

The best actor ever 👍🏻😊

Hello the rock may name is masoudmoghimi

I love you



Figrb nfjgj

@therock you're one of my favorite role models, someone that doesn't let all his success go to his head, Someone that keeps inspiring people to do great things, and while always keeping a positive attitude. For that, thank you.

which movie is that ?



Nice picture! 😊

Movie ji

Movie December 20 2017 jumanji :welcome to the jungle

Sir you are just awesome god bless you 👍💪



You are my favorite actor Dwayne..simply u r the best. I enjoy all your movies no matter which character you play you do the best for it. Keep up the good work are the best...God bless you.


Too intense

Hillo sir

Haha, Mr J as a hostage. BIG mistake.

Eu e meu filhote. ..adoramos seu trabalho. Ele sempre me pergunta...mãe porque ele só faz filmes bons...😍😘

So I'm thinking this is starting to look like Die Hard, but with much bigger, balder, John Mcclane.

Best man 💪🔥🔥🔥

Give me a follow up thank you

Eu amo vc @therock ! Eu amo o q vc faz!

Amazing pic

@22_alya değil mi :)


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