Kim Kardashian West

So honored to have been photographed by Mert and Marcus for their book new book! 20 years in the making! It's out Sept 7th #mertandmarcus @mertalas @macpiggott #taschen


Jajajjajaja este mona tiene botas como la puta madre!! Pinche cerote!!!

מה שנאמר כפרה היידנ בשרטטטטט

Then the tree just snaps in half

Just like me

Your beautiful love to love u

Love to eat u

I think you need to think about your kids honestly this is such a disgrace to human kind

Hell hot 🔥

Its my choice

Come to me


@i_beya ريتي كيم السايبة طاح سعد عارها

Yea that's a pretty standard thing to be doing with two kids at home..

La perfeccion humana

It’s time for a new booty KK.. okay bye now! ♿️

کیرم تو کس خواهر مادرت هرزه دو هزاری

مادرت رو گاییدم

@b.p.phil ideas for next photoshoot???

Follow me please

Nope, still the same.

Just imagine when north see it in 10 years


يا حظ المصور

This is so extra @gracekellyhares

Holy stars

@imaravinth dont worry she will be a hore like her all family


Honoured indeed😀

@i_am_sanaaaa_ pehle garv nahi tha kyaa didi??

@_27xz وجع

@dunya167158 هلا؟

هلابك اكثر

sooo nice


Looks like someone just smoked flakka. 😂

Wowzzzaa!!! 🙀🙀🙀 if you like #poetry, make sure to get your copy of @robywonkinobe "Apologies FoR Apathy" available NOW on amazon in kindle version or hard copy!


العرب يحبوا قلة الحيا اكير صوره فيها عرب😭😂😂😂😂

It should be there Honor fot


I don't mean to put fot our R

What the fuck was you doing up there??? 😂😂😂

Kim K naken i ett träd @karinelsahelena

Poor children... will See her mummy like this when they are older


@my_name_is_ati yade amir tataloo oftadam k az derakht bala rafte bood😂😂😂

Mordaaaaaaam az khande@raana6961502 khodae alan chiyo tabligh mikone? Raana migam insta mige nabayad ak3 lokht gozasht, kolan fk konam mani lokhti barashon to noke 30ne khola3 shode

@babi_bonfim amg boy ta chegando, haja naturalmente

Wtf thats desturbing




Hi, like back please! thanks

Guys what would you do if you found Kim like this in your backyard?


@sabinkha @niny_koch me when i am drunk

@danielhecl celý ty

You're like a bad accident and I can't help but look 👀

ООо круть! Perfect

Just a moment I'll be up there in the tree with you here in a second yeah that's right

She just cannot get enough attention and doesn't even get it why it's too much. All the sisters are vulgar and narcissistic, addicted to attention and exhibitionism . Strange bunch

Az bas ba in a

Ax jagh zadam das dard gerrftam

Лучше бы на мой ствол залезла.

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