"Ruling the charts" at #1 for weeks is all teamwork. And connection. Master your work and make it look easy. Best compliment I receive from entrepreneurs, CEO's, companies etc, is in the spirit of "You make it look so effortless and easy, but in realty to create a powerful social brand that impacts bottom line$ is the hardest thing to do". There's no social blueprint for earning$ and success, so we created our own. @sevenbucksprod @sevenbucksds @hollywoodreporter #1


Oi lindo 😍😗


You are the best


Congrats! Incredible.


Get it

Dude you never left the top

When do we get Central Intelligence 2?!?!


This is great, this goes to show of what a talented actor you are 😇

Good going to the Rock

For president!

Love me back lol!

@therock congratulations again

Isn't it obvious?? rulers rule right...and a ruler like you is sure to be in the top


Guys add me fast

U deserve it

Because you are humble with a very clean heart.. just stay like that.. original👍

Isn't he dead

Something about stunt fail??

Because you are awesome, stay real and stay the hell out of politics ❤️

@therock congratulions again 👏😘😘😘


@therock You inspire me to be greater - in all things, in all ways and all times

Simply love this picture! Do check out my profile too! :)

@therock , for you to be this big in Hollywood and remain this humble and down to earth. You truly are a well rounded individual Mr. Johnson. Not saying everyone in Hollywood is a ass. But you can tell that you truly love your art and profession and respect the people "Fans" who make it possible for everyone on a working set to continue putting out great quality work!!!! Thank you and god bless you. @enews @tmz Hollywood Role Model @therock


#1 for being REAL!

@jac_d83 read it! ✌🏼👌🏻

THATS MY BOI !!!! @therock


Great actor

Congrats @therock 🌴

Question: would you ever marry a fan?

@therock You are such an amazing man! God truly made you one of a kind. I have been a fan since wayyyyy back . Use to have "The Rock Toothbrush ", Blankets, posters on every inch of my wall! 😂 you continue to show the world how kind, humble, down to earth you are and that is why you will always be a hero in my book! So glad we have ya!

A lot of the reason for that is that you are so responsive who doesn't want to connect with their idol you are what hulk was 20 years ago only you are genuine BTW I'm 26 still got a @therock pillow from 99 😂😂😂😂

Tere smilee killlerrr

Because he knows people are important!


follow me



A culpa é sua por ter esse sorriso, ou a culpa é minha por me apaixonar por ele.

Keep it up @therock

Congrats man

I love you Iam lranianbut I love you😘😘😘😘😘😘

You Deserve To Rule! @therock

Wow! Congrats idol @therock


The rock for president! I'm just kidding but I'm a fan1

It's amazing to see your success having been a fan of you since I was a kid watching the WWF I just knew it was only the beginning!

That's the way it should be.

@therock will there be a Baywatch 2? I hope so.

You totally deserve it man always takes time out for his fans never forgets where he comes from stay humble Rock u the man

Alwyz no.1

You're the man!

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Wow congrats Dwayne!

You came a long way big guy still reaching keep going 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽



Very elegant

Because it's the rock

If you want to be our first client @therock, swing through #pdx #rockhorse

I love your movie the game plan

Best wishes and lots of blessings

Still comes in second highest paid actor....


Still a Cheater and Mr Infidelity he is not what y'all seem to be. This Mr YT left his x wife and child for Lauren Hashian he shouldn't be voted for nothing.

Take notes @tyrese maybe one day you will.... wait no you won't haha

Nob 1 actor in world

Motivation right there dwayne 🙌🏾 thanks for sharing 💫👌🏾

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