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Photo by @petekmuller. Members of the Mara Elephant Project and Mara Conservency work to place a tracking device on the ear of a female rhino in Kenya's Maasai Mara National Park. This rhino has been ranging farther afield in recent months, making her more vulnerable to poachers. Conservationists wanted to implant the device in order to gain a better sense of her whereabouts. The rhino was darted with a sedative ahead of the process. Rangers from the Mara Conservency work day and night to deter poaching threats to wildlife in the park. Follow @petekmuller as I chronicle their efforts. #wildlife #conservation #rhino #MaasaiMara #Kenya #nature #


No es un rino?

I really hope nothing happens to her!

Get well soon!

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Thanx from all animal For saving their life

I desperately want one time visit this conservation, but i m not able to do this expanse


❤️🔝 thanks for the amazing work @petekmuller

@tmhoffman bent there

Save the rhinos!!! 🦏🦏🦏

well done

Nice! 👌

Thank God these people are trying to save the animals!

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👎👎👎👎👎 pray for animal rigts



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OMG What are they doing!!!

Cuando sales a correr por primera vez @cenulu

Wonderful Contribution to the world.



We appreciate all the work you do



Ahhh!! You can see my hand. Such an amazing exercise and now part of me is on nat geo!! Unreal

@jasonmims dude is gonna be photo documenting all this stuff on his IG page

Pobres que por nuestra culpa muchas razas se estén existiendo

You go guys... keep those poachers at nay

Great shot ☺️


Keep up the exhausting 😇work ... 4-leggeds need you!

❤️Thank you for the work you do!

So sad what are they doing




Stay safe beautiful one 💕

@rolexandriandsey it's meant to be

Great work! Sad poaching still exists

Great job 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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Well done lads

Nice work

Way to go!!!!!!

Well done lads


Nice job!

Good Job!!


This is so cool! My aunt Susie is the founder of the Mara Elephant Project! So neat to see what she started makes a difference and be posted by National Geographic and @petekmuller!

Keep up the good work I think you are amazing love elephants so amazing animals x 💋

Je te soutien rino 😚💪❤️

It is ok to have that tracking. As a human being you guys are awesome to try to preserve these animals 😉🤗👍🏻😊


Thank you to each one of you...

keep it up!

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