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Photo by @ronan_donovan // As the mountain gorilla population continues to grow in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park, there is also an increase in the population of people living alongside park - 1,813 people per square mile call Musanze District home. This aerial photo illustrates that hard edge between the forest and the crops, an edge that represents more than just a transition from wilderness to tamed land. It represents land that used to be gorilla habitat, land where humans and gorillas are coming into contact as gorillas begin day trips across this edge to feed on tamed crops - introduced eucalyptus and native bamboo. If you're curious to learn more and to see photos of mountain gorillas, follow @ronan_donovan and click the link in his bio for the recent article in National Geographic Magazine, written by Elizabeth Royte. Also, check out @savinggorillas for the legacy work of Dian Fossey. @natgeo


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