peep the adidas tho


@_kamonim skinny shame much? 🤦🏽‍♀️

@sadfucc not necessarily , but it does take a lot of maintenance to keep that up and you can see her rib cage

@_kamonim it really doesn’t a skinny woman can eat way more than a big woman, exercise less, and be even less healthy than a big woman and could still be skinny like myself I don’t have to do anything to be skinny and I myself can see my rib cage it’s people like you that say skinny girls need to “eat more” so they’ll look “more beautiful” as if they’re trying so hard to stay skinny some of us aren’t trying to be any skinnier if anything we’re trying to gain weight but it’s just our metabolism it’s not our fault we’re skinny

@sadfucc cool cool

@_kamonim its Photoshop and that's skinny shaming

@allysonk15_ so another person just explained it to me and I totally get it . So your comment is irrelevant

@_kamonim it isn't but k✌️


@jessteasdale this honesty kills me every time

Así mero we alv @alexiacamargo03

@ana_ra_saavedra ya está la matrak JAJAJA


ken doll

What's she friggin starving herself

The nails 😍

Bag a bones

What kind of detox tea I gotta drink to look like this ? @torithecoolestcat

same top

Can't wait to be this skinny again @caitlinlfield

@naomeesbeautybar this is goals! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

@zayda_thefox I don’t know. 😭 she looks so good

Kuzum yüzünü göster az yüzünü

O pabuçları ben giysem sarı binadan kaçık zannederler. Kaç paraya aldin acep 😁

Oh ok

😱sie ist nicht hübsch, sie ist krank



@_jdrinks she’s prob so hungry

Jesus Christ please properly nurture yourself

@__y.asmiine sebatha f l'homa manlbshomch galk fashion

Yeah I'm sure that's what this pic is about @taylor_dunn3 (see caption)

@kendalljenner another 1 ? Come on I ain't playing it REALLY kills me to c this U 2 SKINNY PLEASE GO EAT sorry if am bing rude but EAT 4 ME @kendalljenner PLEASE @kimkardashian TELL HER

Wow how can I looke like this? 😍😘💓

Beautiful feet

This body...🤤

Por un beso de la flaca yo daria lo que fuera🎵🎶

Your to skinny kendal but i still love u idc your beautiful just the way u are ❤️❤️💗

@silviapesetti_ noi tra due sett


You're beautiful but do not look healthy at all.





Dammm you is a stick 😱😨😷😭


Nice body

an oblique is an oblique.


Is she bulimic


@vvsi1 كعبها يضحك

Does everyone know she’s a model, and models are thin 🤔🤔

likeeeeee 🤔


Skinny queen


they eat only alface tomatões water to keep skin they cannot be dofferent


@jennifertori her stomach I wanna 😭


Gente olha o osso



I am herrrre for this look!!!

Great way to promote belemia and anorexia! You’re blessed with a platform. Unfortunately you use your platform to tear young girls down. You didn’t even show your face in the photo. You wanted it to be focused on your body, with bones poking through your skin. Young girls / women look up to you as a role model, only to live a struggle with body dismorphia, eating disorders, and death. Promote health, fitness, self care, confidence, & what is truly beautiful... a woman comfortable in her own skin. Clearly you are not, which is evident in the lack of care you give yourself and your own lack of confidence living to unrealistic standards. Think about your platform and what good you can do with it. How many lives you can save. Or enjoy the money & attention and let the blessings God has given to you turn to vanity.


Y esta wna come? @f_saavedrau

Body goals 💚💥


@sial_suelem esse é verdadeiro sentido de frente parece q tá d lado e de lado parece q já foi...😂😂😂😂

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