jet lag


I luv urs abs ;-)

Astagfirullah @asri_wilz


@jenatkinhair did u ever thought about the fact that it is also body shaming if u calling someone “to skinny“ or “not normal“? What if a skinny girl reads it and feels bad about her self? And maybe she was always skinny? She never thought about the fact that she 'should' weight more? And now she feels bad bc of ur comment?


@jesusflores9337 you're like 10 wtf what has this generation come to

Tu deveria postar ft assim @ana_siilv18

im like that

@tainadecaires receba pra caralho

@lucaspalito isso eu nem crio expectativas n HAHAH

Hot bebegirl 😍😍


teamo 🖤

بی حیا لباس بپوش عع


Does she an ed

Yeah when I have jet lag I take pictures of my boobs and my crouch too.

Irrelevant lmao :): @kendalljenner

@blanca.rubert esta eres tu

@pablolapaz igualita

@hg1992m شوفي الجسم

Comprou a calcinha na demillus né

@cmacgie What the heck are you saying?!! I just looked at your insta and you are soooo beautiful😍 Just wanted to brighten up your day👍🏼

@ema.add @ewen.btk si kylie jenner elle a les mêmes strings que moi c’est que c’est un signe

@elisa_turroques c'est kendal ça donc tg stppp

@jenny__privz YOURE SO SWEET THANK YOU! 😭❤️

@francinehilariaoficial Kendall a angel que vc mais respeita (sim ela desfila pra VS)

Queen of underboob

@cmacgie you're welcome❤️

The best looking Jetlag I've ever seen❤️😍@kendalljenner #kendalljenner

@jenatkinhair AGREE AF!


Alguien habla español ?

@betinabonganhi achei só essa

Like back please ;)

@jenatkinhair I don't see how this isn't normal.. She's healthy and that's what matters, fitting into society's love and acceptance for fat doesn't matter. Healthy bodies are the best no matter if you're more towards the skinny side or more towards the chubby side. Health comes first not what society thinks. + calling people too skinny is just as offensive as calling people fat. Skinny people just keep quiet most times. Bring people's self confidence up! Not down

Very beautiful body young lady you are gorgeous Emilio

Mi modelo a seguir 😍

@camipimen como nos queria ta


INI JUGA @bang_dipal

No words ... fantabulous ..perfect




Love this chick

@cvystal preach

@_gu_cunha @__jaah granulação

so attracting body with medium waste i like

@lariletz FOTO VELHA

What a shape

I wonder what your real stomach looks like....

@lariletz GRANULADO

VERY sweet

oh damn .....😋💖💖💔💔😍😛🤑😂😂😉😊😊👌✌️✌️


@draa91702 It is normal.

Goals! 😍😭😍

@kingmm02 cala-te

Dam girl you sure are one fine beautiful young lady and would love to no you more if it is possible

Goal ❤️

What is the point of showing that ski, she wants attention

Extremely unpretty!....

@martychalphin this is my goal

@leossat depois dessa não digo mais nada.

That's what I'm talking about hey ur cute



@kitty_zee @basedgon @antr_89 this looks like zees body!!

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