pumpkin for anal glands

Pumpkin for anal glands

Pumpkin for anal glands. Species: Dog Breed: mix retriever/shelti Age: years My dog has anal gland troubles, the vet mentioned fiber treats, I was wondering for a 40 lb. dog what amount of pure pumpkin would be suitable for additional fiber. Pumpkin has helped eliminate the ultra stinky anal gland problem my little maltese mix had. It seems she wasn’t producing enough stool to clean out that gland naturally (on it’s own) and boy did she ever get a back up. Pumpkin /squash add bulk to the stool which helps express the anal glands when your cat defecates. To that end, in a pinch, many root veggies may suffice- beets are . Nov 01,  · If pumpkin is the safer way to go and has the same outcome, I will do that instead. Has any of your kitties ever had anal gland problems? I never heard of Benefiber before, so I searched it up. It seems like the main ingredient is wheat. Unfortunately, my cat can't have anything that has wheat -- he suffers from some food allergy issues, too. Jan 12,  · I happened to have a can of pumpkin in my pantry (from the holidays) and gave her 1/2 cup in her raw food this morning but remember the canned pumpkin MUST be % pumpkin and not pumpkin mix to make a pumpkin pie with.

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I was hoping that would pumpkin for anal glands enough water IF I were to use psyllium. Thursday, January 12, Canned Pumpkin for dog anal gland problems. You may find more info. Thanks for the article this was helpful. The whole lump dissapeared. Which I was fine with. I will be trying one or two of these remedies.

Pumpkin for anal glands Pumpkin for anal glands Pumpkin for anal glands
Pumpkin for anal glands Pumpkin for anal glands Pumpkin for anal glands

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